✔ ready-to-use AI solutions            ✔ optimized for smaller companies            ✔ complementing technical departments            ✔ affordable pricing 

An AI toolkit designed to effortlessly cover the first 80% of your use cases.

These features will help non-technical users to easily work with and benefit from provided AI solutions:

Complete application

ValueFlow comes as self-serve AI portal, ready to use out-of-the-box.

Bring your LLM API key

Start as simple as that: Plug in
your OpenAI API key and let's go.

Simple AI interactions

Users are able to receive AI solutions as generated documents or even simpler within chat interfaces.

Augment complex workflows

Enjoy ready-made templates also for complex, multi-step tasks. Combine nodes in flexible ways.

Holistic data collection

Upload internal documents or collect external data through our powerful crawling framework.

Employees describe their tasks

A problem well-defined, is a problem half-solved. Users describe their tasks, which are then matched to solutions.

Strong guidance

Support in giving the relevant information to the AI model is deeply integrated, in order to create great outputs.

Last but not least: Fun

ValueFlow is meant to support users on a daily basis. We therefore also optimize for joyful user experiences.

What we believe

We believe that within the next 5 years, every successfully enabled company will have 80% of their daily processes augmented through AI. 

These companies will have  templates for their workflows that generate outputs at least as good as an employee with a few years of work experience.

They will own data crawlers, daily collecting hundreds of sources relevant to them, automate tasks over night and curate generated results until they consider it perfect.

That’s what we’re aiming for.

Dr. Patrick Winter  | Co-Founder & CTO

between the lines:

Important aspects, when it comes to deciding for or against a software can often only be found between the lines. Providers rarely state, what they are not good at, but from a customer’s perspective this if often crucial to understand, in order to determine, whether the missing functionality poses a problem or is not needed anyway. 

Focus, concept & trade-off

Focus on simplicity

For our customers, the key to AI adoption will not lie in price or slight performance increases, but in simplicity. That's why ValueFlow is developed to be 'super simple, yet powerful'.

Strong, opinionated concept

ValueFlow follows an underlying concept, with three elements we consider essential for a positive experience.

Technical overload (meaning the feeling of being overwhelmed by the complexity and pace of technological advances) is real – for users, who struggle to understand technical details or for small technical teams, who struggle to develop and decide things they lack expertise in. 

Our concept aims to focus on minimizing those situations.

A great way for us to offer you a ‘super simple, yet powerful’ tool, is to set strong default options, that allow you to easily use the tool as it is, without the need to change anything, but with the option to do so, if you have a strong opinion against our default

(i.e. you can plug in your LLM API key and start directly. Still, you shall always have the option to change to a preferred option / model, to not limit you in your choices).

We’re pragmatic and believe that with a common sense approach, smaller companies will do just fine. 

AI is often presented as discipline with highest complexities and uncertainties in need for large specialized departments of AI engineers, and millions of computing power. 

While this is true for some areas of AI development (i.e. development of foundational models or custom enterprise solutions), it certainly is not true for the application layer that smaller companies actually need. 

Common sense tells us as smaller companies …

  • to not spend large investment sums for custom developments and do rapid company pivots, but to simply get started and learn iteratively, how and where to best make use of these new type of AI models.
  • to complement manual workflows step by step with AI functionality, and not try to change processes completely from one day to another.
  • to invest some time and efforts in teaching AI models what is important, just like one would with a new intern. Teaching simply means to describe tasks in detail, collecting relevant external sources and preparing documents with important background information.

Our trade-off

Every company - by definition - makes choices and is faced with trade-offs. We'd like to communicate ours transparently, so you can decide for yourself, if ValueFlow fits to your requirements.

This is the most relevant decision our customers should be aware of. ValueFlow brings AI solutions, but does not provide the models? How can that be?

Well, our customers simply save their API key of a desired AI model provider (or multiple) and use our platform as application layer on top of it.

Depending on your circumstances, you possibly desire a certain model which is best suited to your language or industry (if you don’t desire it now, you might do so in the mid-term future).  It is within the interest of our customers to be as flexible and free as possible, when it comes to choosing or changing their AI model provider.

Also, we learnt that often companies want to control their data. Some of them want to own their model, some of them want to fine-tune them later on, and all of them prefer to not be locked-in.

Our approach allows all of that. 

The good thing though: You can always start small, and simply provide us with your OpenAI API key, and get more advanced later on, if desired.

See this image to get our strategy: 

We will make sure that with ValueFlow, you will have a great experience regarding the Application Layer (i.e. great AI assistants, great AI workflows) and the Data Layer (i.e. collecting hundreds of data sources that are relevant to your daily business).

Contact Us

We're always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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