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Affordable pricing that

Start small, start lean, but the crucial time to start is now.

only grows with your productivity

To be clear:

a) We guarantee to always be affordable for smaller companies and never become more expensive than the monthly costs of a fairly compensated working student. If you can afford a working student, you will always be able to afford ValueFlow.

b) All of us will only be happy, if you are happy. Use ValueFlow 30 days for free and get your money back another 30 days after that, if we can’t bring you enough value. 

Pay Yearly (and save 25%)

Pay Monthly


For first AI experiments

12€ / month


For daily business usage

20 € / month


For first AI experiments


12 €

p. month, billed annually


For daily business usage

15 €

20 €

p. month, billed annually

In case of higher or custom demand (more data storage, other requirements), please contact us via contact@valueflow.ai.

Frequently asked questions

Inform yourself about the details. If your question is not answered here, please reach out to us.

Every package automatically starts with a 30-day free trial, even if you already know that you’d like to subscribe. You have to provide a credit card up front, but it will not be charged for the first month. 

The first 30 days are always a free trial, as answered in the question above. For the then following 30 days we’d like to give you a money-back guarantee. While you will be charged in the beginning of this month, you can claim your money back, without stating any reasons, if you decide to cancel your subscription within that time. We would be sorry to see you go, but we prefer happy customers instead of locked-in ones. 

Yes – that’s the short answer. In more detail: All data is stored within the EU on European servers, such that European companies can use ValueFlow without any problems. 

Please note though, that you – the customer – is bringing the LLM. Therefore, if you decide to bring a LLM that is not GDPR-compliant, this is outside of ValueFlow’s power and responsibility. 

No. Your data will not be used for training any AI models through ValueFlow.

The admin of your ValueFlow account on the other hand will be able to export your company’s transactional data and use it for training their own models, if you wish.

Yes – at any point in time, the admin of your account is able to order a complete data export, which will be provided within 24h. Such data can then be used i.e. for further fine-tuning by your data scientists.

FAQs (Part 3)

Technical questions:

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