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Website monitoring with generative AI

1. What is website monitoring?

Website monitoring is like having a reliable assistant who keeps an eye on certain, relevant websites for you. This assistant checks the targeted websites for a certain piece of information and tracks, if new relevant information appeared.

2. Who can benefit from a website monitoring solution?

Website monitoring is incredibly useful for a variety of people. Businesses can use it to watch their competitors’ websites, gathering insights to stay competitive. It’s also helpful for finding public funding opportunities by tracking updates on relevant websites.

Essentially, anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with very specific online information can benefit from a workflow that provides custom website monitoring.

3. Generative AI and website monitoring

Generative AI is the key to making website monitoring not just possible, but smart and insightful. It works like a highly intelligent detective, analyzing the text on websites to find specific pieces of information you’re interested in. Then, it acts like a time-traveler, comparing the current state of a website with its previous version. By doing this, it can detect any changes that have occurred over time.

When it finds a change, it’s not just about alerting you that something is different; it also explains what exactly has changed. This way, you’re not just aware that a website has been updated, but you also understand precisely what the update entails.

4. What is website crawling?

Website monitoring uses this website crawling as the basis for collecting information about a website.
Website crawling therefore refers to a process in which an automated program accesses one or more websites, extracts the available data (usually text data) and makes it available for further analysis or AI steps.

5. Is it allowed to crawl any website?

Crawling websites is a very common task for many companies. The most well-known company that uses web crawling is probably Google. In order to list websites in its search engine, Google crawls millions or billions of websites and indexes them to present the most relevant results in relation to the search query.

If a website does not want to allow web crawling on its own website, it can simply use a robots.txt file to prohibit certain or all crawling activities.

Website monitoring can only take place for websites that do not forbid such crawling activities onto their website.

6. ValueFlow's website monitoring solution

ValueFlow as generative AI workflow software provides a workflow that monitors your specific websites. As a user you would simply have to two name the desired websites, decide how often ValueFlow shall visit these websites and describe the type of information that is relevant to you. It will then automatically monitor these sites and summarise it’s findings, changes or results.

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