✔ ready-to-use AI solutions            ✔ optimized for smaller companies            ✔ complementing technical departments            ✔ affordable pricing 

Developed for businesses with limited technical or financial capacities

Find out, for which companies ValueFlow is built

For companies that desire one AI tool for the entire company.

With its focus on small & medium sized companies, ValueFlow aims to be a complete AI platform, with workflows for all typical departments. This way, AI silo tools like one “AI for sales”, one “AI for research” and one “AI for X” can be avoided. 

For companies that don't consider IT & AI their key competence.

ValueFlow is not a developer tool. It rather addresses non-technical users and aims to bring them ready-made workflows that they can run without technical knowledge. 

For companies that want to augment and not replace their work.

 ValueFlow focusses on creating a wide set of flows that are meant to help users create high quality solutions in an efficient way. It does not aim at creating 100% perfect solutions, which eliminate users completely. 


Business functions & flows

Soon you can explore the different business functions, for which ValueFlow will provide solutions.

We will be a good fit for you, if...

You will especially benefit from ValueFlow, if you can identify with the following criteria.

...working with information from external sources is important for your daily tasks.

...you desire possibilities to use complex workflows, next to simple chat interfaces.

...you would like to automate the generation of your solutions based on pre-defined templates.

Stakeholders of AI & ValueFlow

Learn how ValueFlow’s involves three key stakeholder groups.

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