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ISO 14040 tasks augmented
through AI workflows

We let you chat, interact and work more efficiently with ISO 14040.

Maximize precision and speed, working with ISO 14040

Working with ISO standards can be complex and repetitive.

In jobs like Compliance or Environmental Management, you regularly find yourself going through documents, in search for a single paragraph to answer a specific question – not only once, but for a large number of instances.   

ValueFlow provides you with the following AI-enabled solutions, to ease your daily workload:

Chat with relevant documents

Upload your important documents or select provided documents by ValueFlow. Start asking questions and receive answers as well as text references, onto which each answer is based on. 

Productivity gains are especially significant when working with large documents (i.e. > 10 pages).

Collect public website data

Name certain URLs, which you frequently check for information. ValueFlow monitors these websites for you. Define which pieces of information are relevant to you and receive collected outputs every day, week, or month.

Generate your own outputs

Based on information retrieved from documents or collected website information you can use ValueFlow to generate outputs. Choose, if you would like a written summary, bullet points, a table or another kind of output.

Easily automate tasks

Instant chats and live interactions are nice, but the possibility to schedule flows and run certain tasks automatically, will save you hours every month.

No technical knowledge required

Don’t get overwhelmed by technical jargon and complex software tools. ValueFlow aims at bringing AI solutions to you in a simple and non-technical way. It is our mission to enable AI for professions with little or no technical background.  

Licensing note

Please note that the user’s organization needs to upload their own ISO 14040 document, in order to comply with the usage term of the iso licensing.

ValueFlow not only works with ISO 14040

The provided solutions work also well for similar documents and similar information-driven tasks. Multiple job profiles can benefit from these solutions. 


Greenhouse Gas Protocol


Science Based Target initiative

Sustainability Consultants

Corporate Environmental Management

Compliance Specialists

Researchers and Academics

Pricing that only grows with your impact

60-day money-back guarantee

Pay Yearly (and save 33%)

Pay Monthly


$ 49

/ month

For single professionals increasing their own productivity.

Small Team

$ 99

/ month

Suited for small teams up to three persons.


$ 249

/ month

For businesses that like to benefit significantly.


$ 33

p. month, billed annually

For single professionals increasing their own productivity.

Small Team

$ 66

p. month, billed annually

Suited for small teams up to three persons.


$ 167

p. month, billed annually

For businesses that like to benefit significantly.

In case of (higher) custom demand, please contact us via contact@valueflow.ai.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers and further explanations about ValueFlow and its terminology

In one sentence, what does ValueFlow do?

ValueFlow offers a simple and non-technical interface to enjoy the capabilities of AI models to work with your own data, your own documents as well as public website information.

Who is ValueFlow for?

ValueFlow is primarily developed for non-IT personnel, working in jobs, where documents and information play a central role.

It is our mission to enable non-technical people to use the benefits of AI in their daily work, without being overwhelmed or left behind by technical complexities. 

Learn to work with AI in daily processes and become a much more productive, less stressed, and future-ready.

Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade anytime?

Yes. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any time, which will take effect right after the current billing period.

Do you provide a trial?

Yes, we currently do. Simply select a ValueFlow plan of your choice and in the checkout use the coupon code “earlytrial100”. This will allow you to test ValueFlow for one month completely for free.

In the future we will “only” give you a 60-day money-back guarantee instead of a free trial. But as ValueFlow is currently still in beta, we provide you with both – giving you maximum security to try out ValueFlow.

Can I get my money back, if I'm not happy?

Yes. ValueFlow offers an extensive money-back guarantee of 60 days. If you are not convinced that ValueFlow increases your productivity and eases your work, you can claim your money back within the first 60 days of your purchase.

How do you define unlimited chats?

ValueFlow allows you to use AI-based flows to augment your work and be more productive. We invite you to chat and interact with our underlying AI models as much as needed. Therefore we provide basically unlimited chats.

Please note, that we reserve the right to set an upper usage boundary in extreme cases, like in scenarios of prohibited account sharing, prohibited automation attempts or temporary capacity shortages.

Can I upload custom documents of any size?

ValueFlow currently has a maximum file size limit of 30MB. 

(As a comparison – a PDF document with 100 pages and mostly text, has a size of approx. 1MB)

While this upload size should suffice for the majority of users, please contact us, if you would like us to make an exception for you (contact[at]valueflow[dot]ai).

What do you mean by public sources?

By public sources ValueFlow means any kind of publicly accessible website or download. 

Please note that sites can only be accessed by ValueFlow, if the respective  site owner does not prohibit it explicitly. 

What do you mean by monthly automated flows?

ValueFlow offers the possibility to automate workflows – simply called “flows”. Users are able to choose predefined flows, define their custom configurations and schedule them to be executed (repeatedly) in the future.

Every month, the company receives a certain automation budget based on their plan. The amount of flow automations resets every month.  Unused flow automations cannot be taken over to the following month.

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