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AI implementation for smaller companies

How ValueFlow offers smaller, non-technical companies an easy entry to AI.

Many small companies fear, that their job might get replaced by AI, or by a competitor making better use of AI.

Implement AI to minimize uncertainty

Benefits especially for smaller companies

ValueFlow offers a complete platform for your business

One company-wide AI studio, instead of multiple tools for each department

Holistic & simple

Use AI chats to generate texts,
answer questions based on your internal documents or public websites.

Great for daily interactions

Discover ready-made workflows that will support many typical business tasks.

Works out-of-the-box

Systematically collect internal and external data, to combine this information with AI capabilities.

The foundation of future business decisions

Problem to be solved

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pace of technology?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. The whole world is stunned by the pace of AI advancements – from major international enterprises to all the other small businesses like yours. 

In an international survey 52% of people stated that they feel nervous about AI.


In this early stage of AI, getting started quickly and flexibly matters.

There is still a lot of uncertainty in the world of AI. Every week a new, more capable, AI model is released. Simultaneously there are so many AI tools on the market, which is overwhelming.

Therefore ValueFlow follows a clear positioning:

  1. Together with our customers we focus solely on the application layer (AI chats and AI workflows) and the data layer (data collection functionalities).
  2. We keep the model and infrastructure layer flexible. This has the advantage that our customers can easily switch to another AI model or infrastructure, if they want to.

Want to learn how to bring your AI model to ValueFlow?

More than only the software: Receive clear guidance along your AI journey

A great AI tool won’t do the complete job of successfully implementing AI within your company. It is also up to every employee to invest some time, effort and insights on a regular basis. ValueFlow therefore incorporates features to motivate employees to block regular AI-working-hours in the calendar – regularly learning more about AI and improving its outcomes.

Start right away,
but customize later on.

Starting with ready-made workflows and chats sounds good, but it doesn’t end there. Once you regularly work with the provided flows, you might like to support very specialized processes of yours. ValueFlow soon also allows you to build your own workflows, as customized as you like.

Let's make it concrete

Take a look at specific examples, how we would like to make you more productive.


Examples of ready-made workflows


Examples of data to collect

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