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updated on 05/2024

AI assistants & AI workflows for market research

Learn about AI assistants and workflows for market researchers. Find solutions that augment and automate daily market research tasks.

What are AI assistants and AI workflows?

An AI assistant is a chat-based tool, that lets users interact with AI models through natural language. Users can ask question, prompt commands, or can try to request any kind of information from the AI model. ChatGPT is the most popular example of an AI assistant. 

AI workflows are a combination of single commands to an AI model and allow to generate more complex solutions through the help of AI. Within a workflow the tool can collect and prepare external data sources, interact with other tools through integrations or run evaluation steps to validate its results.

Use cases for market research

1. Primary research support

ValueFlow will be able to support tasks related to the preparation and evaluation of primary research tasks, like generating surveys and questionnaires in a specific format, analyzing the results of primary research and generating reports or documentation.

2. Secondary research automatization

Secondary research like industry reports, scientific publications or sources other relevant insights can automatically be collected by an AI platform like ValueFlow and desired information can then be identified, structured, prepared and processed. 

3. Data analysis

Once data from primary or secondary research is collected, running analytical workflows for gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative response data becomes a great help.

4. Report generation

While the generation of research reports is an enormous time effort when done manually, AI models can augment this task effortlessly, especially, once market researchers already carefully created the research insights, facts and core conclusions. Let the AI simply bring it into a cohesive text and end result.

5. Competitor analysis

ValueFlow can also help in analyzing and monitoring the activities and publication of competitors, such that staying competitive is much easier.

Workflows are currently being created

The ValueFlow team is currently building ready-made workflows for market research tasks.

If you would like to get informed, once we have published market research-specific solutions, simply enter your contact information here.

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