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updated on 05/2024

AI assistants & AI workflows for business development

Learn about AI assistants and workflows for business development managers. Find solutions that augment and automate daily tasks.

What are AI assistants and AI workflows?

An AI assistant is a tool that lets users talk to AI models using everyday language. Users can ask questions, give commands, or request any kind of information. ChatGPT is a popular example of such an AI assistant.

AI workflows are sets of commands given to an AI model to help create more detailed solutions. In these workflows, the tool can collect and organize data from outside sources, work with other applications through integrations, and run evaluations to make sure its results are correct.

Use cases for business development

1. Market research

ValueFlow is able to collect data about the customer’s market, monitor trends, news sources or other custom external sources. From this data collection ValueFlow will then extract and process relevant business development information.

2. Lead generation

Identifying, generating and rating leads is a core activity of every business development manager. ValueFlow is able to for example analyze publications of a potential customer and evaluate, whether they provide information that would make them an attractive lead.  

3. Relationship management

Managing relationships is very time-consuming, when done fully manual. AI workflows allow you to monitor your lead’s activities automatically, set their updates into relation to your company and prepare potential interactions for you.

4. Sales content work

The more personalized or customized the sales material is to a potential client, the more likely it is, that you will be able to convince him or her. ValueFlow’s workflow allow you to take existing sales content and adjust the details to make it fit very well.

5. Competitor analysis

ValueFlow can also assist in analyzing and monitoring the activities and publications of competitors, making it easier to stay competitive.

Workflows are currently being created

The ValueFlow team is currently building ready-made workflows for business development tasks.

If you would like to get informed, once we have published business development-specific solutions, simply enter your contact information here.

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