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Let's demystify & professionalize AI.

Our motivation

The story behind ValueFlow

You’ve probably noticed, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this website: Now is an exciting time. AI had its inflection moment and there is no way of stopping it anymore (not in a ‘we-lost-control-sense’ but in a ‘the-world-will-never-not-use-AI-anymore-sense’). 

As data scientists ourselves, having always worked in smaller companies throughout our careers, we’re on the one hand amazed by the capabilities of LLMs and the technical possibilities they’re opening up, and on the other hand see the challenges lying ahead of small and medium-sized companies in benefiting from AI.

Let’s take the market of our home country for example: 99.3% of companies in Germany belong to the category of ‘small & medium-sized businesses’ – SMBs, which we think is great. We’d love to see traditional companies, hidden champions and niche specialists flourish. But most of them are facing challenges like demographic change, shortage of skilled workers and digitalization deficits.   

AI can have immense positive effects for these companies and their employees, if it can be demystified and professionalized. It can increase productivity, lift work motivation and prevent employees from surrendering to the world of AI. 

We’d like to contribute to creating positive impacts by supporting small technical teams to deliver super simple, yet powerful AI solutions to their companies.

About the company

ValueFlow is developed by      , a small software company based in Berlin, Germany. deep choice was founded by Data Scientist and Programmer Dr. Patrick Winter, as well as Data Scientist and AI Consultant David Berscheid.

Since 2021, the self-funded company focuses on creating solutions at the application layer of AI and developed several tools, which most of them now come together in ValueFlow. 

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